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You Know You Love Me

  1. heatherjordan said: gorgeous hair!! i say leave it!
  2. drmeg said: It’s gorgeous! Do not cut!
  3. thedivineashley said: You are so gorgeous! Absolutely stunning!
  4. heylaney said: Don’t cut! It’s insanely gorgeous.
  5. imaprincesssowhat said: Bridget, you are sooooooo pretty! and I love your hair. Never cut it. Ever. And how do you still look EXACTLY the same as you did when I first met you 10 years ago? Jealous.
  6. livingintraffic said: do not cut. i’m having serious hair envy right now. gorgeous!!
  7. graceinplace said: don’t cut! it’s absolutely beautiful!!!
  8. nyclust said: i think you should keep it! it’s soooo pretty!
  9. my-little-kumquat said: you are so pretty
  10. cynicismandspunk said: I love it! You look like the little mermaid (brown haired edition)!
  11. dailybaxter said: I say don’t cut it! It’s beautiful!
  12. thatgirlisstacked said: so pretty!!